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Places to eat & drink

The Boat, Burton Street, Melton.

This friendly Melton pub has everything of a traditional British pub. A friendly welcome awaits with a great selection of ales, spirits and 'Scotch Corner'.

your guaranteed a smiley and polite welcome - this pub is a proper 'hidden' gem in Melton Mowbray.

Food: Bar food (Pork pie, cheese and onion cobs)

Location: Burton Street, Melton. 5 minutes from the train station.

Dog friendly & a dart board available. 

Purple Garlic, Burton Street, Melton.

A fairly new restaurant to the Melton scene, this fresh establishment boasts great food, nice beer and a warm welcome.

Pre-booking recommended.

Call for details 01664 431411

Montero Lounge, Sherard Street, Melton.

Cool, hip and trendy.

This bar is great for food and drink and you will always get a nice welcome. 

Fairly new to Melton it belongs to the 'Loungers' chain who already operate more than 30 lounges across the UK including one in Grantham. 

Food menu is vast and trendy and there's something for everyone.

More venues will be added soon. If you want to be included email info@nemm.co.uk and we'll come try you out!

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